Restaurants are now tech companies that sell food.

Selling a crispy chicken sandwich with a digital-first approach means breaking departmental silos, delivering personalization at scale and having the flexibility to change with your customers.
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Third-party integrations

Your customers expectations are too high for your legacy online ordering & white label solution

Non responsive web design (no mobile version of the website).
Unable to accept gift cards.
Online Ordering process is too long from start to finish.
Main website is disconnected from online ordering site.
Poor customization / Almost no customization.
Unable to launch promotions.
Loyalty fraud.
Lost orders / Disappearing carts.
Lack of third party integration.
Waited months for major crisis fixes.
Payment confusion (guest thought they paid online but payment is declined in restaurant).
Not intuitive for new guests.
With Trinitip we built a best-in-class digital ordering experience for Caferio, our website now is extremely fast and we have the freedom to test and adapt new technologies in weeks instead of months.
Todd Paladini CTO of

Personalize your online ordering experience to create a remarkable guest experience (without getting rid of all your legacy tech using our platform as a service).

Trinitip enables your Marketing, IT and Operations Team to quickly test and integrate new and relevant technologies that allow you to deliver on clients expectations.

Build your digital experience around the needs of your customers & internal users.

The Trinitip platform integrates seamlessly with standalone ordering and cloud-based POS providers.

Leverage third party delivery where it makes sense, while building your own ordering channel.

Enable third parties to drive incremental sales while working to make sure your own online-ordering channel remains as the preferred digital ordering method.

Are you ready to take your online ordering experience to the next level?

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